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Just to say we now have 3 of the female puppies back home, 2 are confirmed dead, and the other female we are almost certain perished too, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who assisted in searching for my puppies, it has been a long and treacherous journey for my babies, and I can’t explain just how sad and happy I am to have found them, a long and difficult task – but I found them, I never gave up, ever.
I know this is a brief message, but just at this moment it is difficult to express my and the puppies emotions,
Thank you once again to you all, I could not have found them without your support,

This litter of 6 pups (5 bitches and 1 boy) were stolen in the early hours of Sunday 13th April 2008 from their kennel in Warwickshire
Now aged 5 weeks old the thieves were caught on CCTV at 2.13am entering the breeder’s property. They had cut through several barbed wire fences and a 6 foot fence as well as smashing their way into the puppy room in the kennel to get them. The mother was left behind.
Further photos can be viewed at  www.smichaelstud.co.uk
There is a £10,000 reward to anyone that gives information that leads to the safe return of this litter.
If you know anything please call Bulldog Rescue on 0871 200 2450 or the owner on 07881 917916
Or email BulldogRescue@btinternet.com or sales@meer-end.co.uk

                     0871 200 2450


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